“Cigarettes, you’ve met your match” is the slogan that they are currently going with and it’s a very powerful one indeed! With the view in mind of kicking “real” cigarettes little orange-filtered butts, we were rather excited to get our hands on the Njoy electronic cigarette. If it was as much like the real deal as it promised, we were n for an exciting ride!

What We got

With our $100 budget that we set ourselves, we set about spending. Njoy is a product that certainly offers goof prices. In fact, theirs is one of the cheapest electronic cigarettes on the market and even their disposables are reasonable priced with $27 for a pack of three. These would be great for a night out if you didn’t want to run the risk of losing one of your rechargeables.

For around $60, you can piece together your own kit as Njoy doesn’t really provide one as such. This is quite disappointing…. We shouldn’t have to put together our own starter kit.

$22 will get you one USB charger, one battery and one cartridge. You can add another two batteries for $30, taking you to $55. An extra $22 will get you 5 more cartridge refills. We’re at $77. We decided to add another pack of refills and our total was $99. That’ll do….

Theoretically, at a rate of one cartridge per day, the starter kit that we purchased for $100 would last us 6 days. For an extra $20 on another website, we bought a bottle of e-liquid and by refilling the cartridges, we managed to make $120 last us in smoking material for around a month. Not bad going really, don’t you think?

What We Liked

As we have already mentioned, their prices are low which automatically earned Njoy some brownie points. Unfortunately it would seem as if they were a company that were more dedicated to their disposables rather than the rechargeables that we are more focused towards, but who knows if their website could turn this way in the future?

They offer a recycling scheme which is more than other websites offer. If you send eight empty cigarettes back to them, they will send you one for free. It’s not much but at least it is something.

Unfortunately, that’s where the stuff we liked ended. That’s it – the recycling scheme. And even then, it’s not all that impressive. Once you have got over the initial decent prices, it would seem that things go downhill rather quickly…

What We Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, our excitement was dulled at an early stage by some pretty shoddy packaging which left our electronic cigarette turning up to us in a complete state of disarray. There was no order to the way that the contents of our order were stuffed into the box and it certainly didn’t get us off to a good start.

The product itself was nothing to write home about either. When you screwed the cartridge on the battery, nothing stopped it from spinning so it would continue to turn while you were smoking it. This lead to us dropping it very now and again which was not only annoying, but probably not very good for the battery or cartridge.

There are only two flavors available which was also very disappointing – you have the choice of normal tobacco or menthol and if you don’t like that, it’s tough luck. Boo, Njoy!

While we were smoking our electronic cigarette provided by Njoy, we barely got any vapor from it which meant that we weren’t satisfied by our smoking experience. The poor vapor was met by an even duller throat hit which meant that we were desperate for a real nicotine hit while we were still smoking the e-cig. This is not the e-cig for you if you struggle to give up smoking, that’s for sure.

On top of all of this, we found that the liquid in the cartridge kept hitting our mouths as we were smoking it which meant that it burned and tasted rather nasty.

All in all, it was a very good experience at all, which is why we only gave the brand one star out of a possible five!

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