Green Smoke

Throughout all the reviews, you will notice one common denominator – we are allowing ourselves $100 to buy everything we need from the e-cigarette companies that we are looking at. We are going to see what we manage to get and how long it lasts us. When you consider that you spend $300 approximately per month on smoking real cigarettes, $100 is a pretty good investment when you think of the money you could save in the long run.

What We Got

You get free shipping over $100 and we managed to get our hands on a 10% off code which popped up as we went onto the website. We bought the Pro Kit which was $99.97. This got us two batteries of which we could choose the length and color of, one USB cigarette, ten cartridges in 2 packs of five of which we could choose the flavors and strengths, a USB charger, car adapter and wall adapter plus a handy carry case. 10% off this makes our kit $89.98. This gave us just over $10 to spend to meet our $100 limit and qualify for free shipping so we added on one packet of 5 cartridges which cost $16.97. Technically this made us $6.95 over our budget but we did get a pretty decent amount with the free shipping and 10% off voucher code so we decided to make the most of it.

What We Liked

There were many things that we liked about Green Smoke. The parcel came and we were excited to open it. To our sheer delight, we found that everything came in a beautiful green box and everything was very well packaged. The Flavormax cartridges come in foil blister packs with rubber stoppers at each end of the cartridge to ensure the flavor lasts, and all in all, we were very impressed.

From the very first moment we started puffing away on the Green Smoke e-cigarette, we were very impressed. The cartridge screwed onto the battery easily and it was clear when we should stop screwing. The Green Smoke cartridges were labeled (but not always clearly) and the flavors weren’t bad…

The batteries lasted a long time and we felt that you needed to be aware of this. The standard/short battery will last you roughly a working day. For us, we started to smoke it in the morning when we woke up and during the time that we were getting ready for work. Constant puffing on the walk to work is followed by stolen puffs on the e-cig as we hid in the office for a few moments roughly every hour at work. A constant puff on the e-cig at lunchtime and during the walk home, and it was normally the time that we got home that we would need to plug it back in again.

The longer length battery lasted us pretty much up until bed time if we started to use it first thing in the morning when we woke up and when you compare this to some of the other e-cigarette batteries out there, the result is pretty impressive.

We also like the fact that each cartridge lasted for around a day. We would generally get through a cartridge and a half per day with the occasional one day-one cartridge ration from time to time. Again, we found this to be much longer than other e-cig brands that we had tried.

The throat hit and vapor that Green Smoke was just right if you are a “normal” run-of-the-mill smoker. Most of the team found that Green Smoke was the most comparable to actually smoking a real cigarette although some of us also found that you had to inhale harder on these than you did with other brands.

What We Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, there were a few things about Green Smoke that we weren’t impressed with. For a start, the flavors of the cartridges weren’t bad to begin with but the taste in the cartridges died before you were ready for it to. The cartridges continued to be usable but the taste died down to a very lackluster hit. Also, we found that the fact you would void your warranty if you wanted to refill the cartridges uncool, especially when you compared them to the likes of V2 Cigs that actually encouraged the use of e-liquid by selling the stuff alongside the pre-filled cartridges.

With lackluster flavors and only seven of them to boot, we weren’t impressed and when you combined that with the fact that we only got around 280 puffs out of a cartridge that was promising to give us up to 360, we just found that although impressive, they didn’t quite hit the spot for us.

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